Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10 ways to be better organized

image credit: Mike Savad

These are some tactics I use for my personal organization, maybe some could be useful to you.
  1. Handle your tasks and goals with a calendar (I do it with google calendar so I can easily switch from my Mac to iphone)
  2. A task should be doable in 45min (like this post :))
  3. Your goals and tasks are SMART (Specific Measurable Assignable Realistic Time-related)
  4. On every Sunday night, make a review of the past week goals (achieved, failed) and set new ones for the coming week.
  5. Every Sunday night, start to allocate important tasks you need to do for the coming week
  6. Every month, on sunday night, review your past month goals and set new ones for the coming one.
  7. Assign each day of the week with a main topic that is in your goal list
  8. Every night, look at your task list, review and prepare the tomorrow's one
  9. Have a color code in your calendar for task status (red: not done, green: done)
  10. Activate SMS notification for your tasks
If you have any suggestions, I would be happy to read them, always ready to improve my efficiency.

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