Thursday, September 25, 2014

Product Management Mistake#2: In B2B2C there is C

Here in France, restaurant booking services such as La Fourchette or Restaurant Michelin are quite popular and it is really great to be able now to book a restaurant directly from your mobile phone or your PC without having to make a call. But not every restaurant enables that online booking and that is how I came across this product mistake.

So there is a very nice restaurant near my home called "Chez Marcel" and I wanted to book a table, so I went on Google on my mobile phone and looked for "Chez Marcel Saint-Mandé" (this is my town). 

Strangely, Google sent back a similar named restaurant in Central Paris whereas as specified "Saint-Mandé", anyway I arrived on Michelin restaurant website with the place I was looking for.

You arrive on the restaurant page and
need to click on "Voir le numéro" to
display the phone number
Now you see the number and cli..Wait!
Nothing actually happens when you try
to click on this button....

So there, I clicked on the button "display phone number" and that actually displayed the "phone number", so far so good.
Then I naturally clicked on the number to call the restaurant (as it is done everywhere else) but nothing happened! You cannot even copy the phone number to put it in your dialer!

This UX is so bad here because as a final user, I am sure I won't go there anymore since I know it is useless.

Since I remembered I liked the restaurant on Facebook, I went on FB to look for the restaurant and saw the same number. I clicked on it and...TADAAA! it worked!

The Facebook page of the restaurant,
you notice there is all important info
When I clicked on the phone number,
I can call the restaurant to book

So now, I know that it's better for me to go on Facebook to book restaurants I like (and LaFourchette for all those who have online booking). That's too bad for Michelin!

I guess one reason Michelin did not check it, is that their business model is based on people displaying the number. The more people display the number the more they can charge the restaurant showing they brought people in.

But apparently they got too focused on that and forgot that, OK, you display the number but to call the restaurant (personally I don't care to display the number, just connect me with the restaurant, please) is the final "scenario".

Calling the restaurant to book is the final goal and apparently Michelin forgot that...

So product managers, please remember your value proposition not only for the B but also for the C!

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