Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day-to-day Product Management #3: 40% Download increase for 15$ Facebook Ads campaign!

The Facebook Ad I designed with Photoshop, how talented!
On the 22nd of August 2014, I tried Facebook ads for my iPhone app Flappy Prez.

I created a campaign for 15$ during 3 days (from 23rd to 25th of August, was the weekend and monday).

I targeted to people having the right iOS version (7.1!), living in France (because it's mainly a french topic related-game) and interested in Politics (because the character is a politician).

Before launching it, I had 145 downloads. After that I had 60 new downloads, which represents a 41.4% increase. Not bad!

It also means that it costed 25c to get one user to download.

iTunes Connect Download report
Now in the Facebook Ad report, I got the following infos:
  • Reach: 4539 unique viewers
  • Impressions: 5690
  • Clicks: 202
  • Unique Clicks: 183
  • CTR: 3.55% (click-through-rate, percentage of people who view the ad and clicked on it)
  • uCTR:4.03% (unique click-trough-rate)
That gives a conversion rate of 30% which is number of downloads/clicks. How does that compare to standards?

In the wikipedia entry for CTR, they say: "In most cases, a 2% click-through rate would be considered very successful" but it also depends on many parameters (day, seasonality, type of product...).

So, 3.55% does not seem that bad for a start.

For the conversion rate, after browsing a bit here and there, it appears that the average is around 8-10%...So 30% is rather good! :) 

But I obviously keep in mind that my app is free and that the ad is quite funny. So I am not sure I can redo the same with a paying app on a boring subject!

So now the question is: "How much would that cost to get 10,000 downloads?"

Hum, for now, with the 25c per user, I would say that it would cost 2,500$... that's quite a lot of money for an experimental project :)

Because I am not even sure the rule $/user is linear (I am pretty sure it is not :)), I should test other methods before investing that much.

Therefore I am going to:
  • identify what are the times people go on Facebook app (morning, what day?)
  • decide whether I want to focus the campaign on 1 day at a certain time or spread it on many days
  • go for a 100% of my advertising budget, that is 30$ :)
So if everything goes fine, I should expect to get 120 new downloads. Let's see what happens!

PS: If you have any suggestion on how to increase download for less money, please feel free to comment!


Kejal Shah said...

this helps since i am about to venture in this world in a few months. guess the next step will be to explore other options - twitter, linkedin, bing and google

good luck!

Pierre Antoine Antonini said...

Hey Kejal, are you venturing Spoor or is it another project?
I am currently working on setting a launchrock page for the Android version and see how SEO will work :)