Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chinese Hanzi Mnemonics #1: 买/Mǎi => buy

Thanks to HTC who offered me some Chinese classes 2 years ago, I have decided to continue learning it even though my department closed down.

Since I have always been interested by Chinese culture (especially their literature classics), I am quite dedicated to it now and have even taken the HSK2 test 2 weeks ago (a kind of TOEIC).

While learning Hanzi (Chinese ideograms) is very difficult, I have come up with some Mnemonics to help myself remember them better.

Since my Mandarin teacher find them funny, I decided to share them with you. Please be aware that I am only learning simplified hanzi and not traditional ones. Please also don't be shocked if I am not always using the Hanzi keys in the right way, sometimes it just works better for me another way. (Native/Advanced Chinese speakers will understand what I mean).

So here is my first one:

This is the Hanzi 买 (pronounce Mǎi) that means "buy/purchase" ("acheter" en français).
When I see this hanzi, I see a hand holding a chicken and since buying chicken to prepare chicken curry is one of my most frequent purchases, you can imagine how holding a chicken means "buy" :D

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