Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The decision to engage in the MBA adventure

So I am now going to start my MBA in next September 2009. It is often said that it takes roughly one year in a half to prepare oneself for a MBA application. My case is a bit different as I wanted to do a MBA for a long time now.

Here is how it started.

Back in the years 2000-2003 during my Engineering studies, I felt that I was not a "pure" tech guy and that, even though I was very interested by innovations and engineering, I needed to see the big picture and learn more on business and economics. This is why I started at this time to investigate Masters in Management in France that could start right after my MSc graduation.

The different programs looked OK but I also felt at that time that engaging in such path would waste in some ways my engineering education. Moreover I had a great internship and a job offer in London in a top-notch R&D lab. Therefore, I called it a day and left my business education on hold for a while.

After several prototypes, studies, exciting projects, patents and a move back to Paris in Business Devlopment at a major Telecom vendor, I decided in 2007 to apply to several MBAs in order to be officially stamped "business" knowledgeable and learn more on how to set up my own business in a near future.

In future posts, I will explain how I chose the different programs I applied to and describe the application process.

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